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Cheapsms.net borned on tenth of jun 2007,with one administrator,two designers,one programmer one marketer and three customers,then bulksms cost one rupee for one sms.Now end of 2012 Cheapsms.net have five administrators,couple of server admins,designers,programmers ,marketers and importantly more than two hundred resellers,two thousand satisfied customers,journey is goining smoothly but bulk sms industry facing many issues since couple of years,at 2007 year bulk sms cost one rupee per one sms,at 2010 bulk sms cost three paisa per sms,after 2011 november onwards five point five paisa as trai charges and sms cost all including eight paisa per sms,at recent operator increased prices each sms cost went as sky rocket approximately fifteen paisa to thirty five paisa.in near future bulk sms prices may reach high or comedown no one know.

Any way Cheapsms.net wishes all the best for existing customers and upcoming customers. happy sending,improve your customer relation,gain new customers, keep touch your customers/clients/students/business partners/ with Cheapsms.net bulk sms service.

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